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Established 1996

2201 Hunter Mill Rd
Vienna, VA 22181
(703) 281-7860
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Kidsdom 2 coming soon to 10900 Baron Cameron Ave. Reston, VA 20190

Opening Late Spring/Early Summmer 2023

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    A Message From the Director

    Dear Parents,

    I would like to welcome you and your family to my daycare and Montessori school.

    Providing a quality upbringing and education is the hope and wish of every parent. Here at Kidsdom Montessori, my staff and I are able to give you over twelve years of experience in teaching using Montessori methods, not only with the pre-schoolers but with the infants as well.

    Home-based daycares have a tradition of giving children a warm, loving and nurturing environment that is quite similar to the atmosphere that you would find in your own home. Our advantage is that we also provide the structure that allows your child to flourish at their fullest potential.

    Please take a moment to read this website, and I’m sure that you will come to agree that there would be no better place for your child to be.


    Abida Mufti
    About our Program

    The Montessori Environment:

    The foundation of the Montessori philosophy is based upon the idea that children should work at their own pace, according to their own strengths in surroundings that help to develop their intelligence, as well as social and physical abilities.

    A key concept in a Montessori school is the idea that a child is an individual with an acute sensitivity with regards to the environment around them; so much so that much of how and what they learn in their early years comes from this perceptive stimulation.

    As a result, the child should have a reasonable amount of freedom to do as they please, while at the same time being wholly immersed in an environment which stimulates their senses as well as exercising their creativity. Literally their classroom is their world, providing exposure to materials and experiences that foster greater intellectual growth.

    Observers of Montessori children note that they are confident, caring, independent as well as enthusiastic and motivated learners.


    Our daycare is rooted in the belief that the primary needs of infants and toddlers are love and a great deal of attention. We understand the varying needs of infants, from a sense of security for the young to the establishment of self-identity for older.

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    About Us

    Kidsdom Daycare Montessori has been part of the community for the past ten years. In this time it has grown from a few toddlers to the school that it is today with a full infant nursery, preschool and kindergarten program. It has all the necessary indoor and outdoor equipment for solid early childhood development.

    Our director, Abida Mufti, has over twenty years of experience in the education field. Overseas, she has a full-fledged school system serving over 1000 children from pre-school Montessori to high school. As well she has raised 4 great kids of her own, three of whom are college graduates and one in high school.

    Kidsdom Daycare and Montessori is fully licensed by the State of Virginia, contracted with the Fairfax County Department of Family Services and a participant in the USDA food program.

    In addition to our regular 7 AM - 6 PM program, we are now offering evening and overnight care!


    Our preschool program offers Phonics, Numbers, Art, Active play for cognitive and motor development, Puppet Shows, News, Dress up, General Knowledge, Problem-solving / Reasoning and Computers. We also have indoor and outdoor activities such as arts and crafts, field trips, nature walks and science experiments. Our Montessori environment provides all the apparatus needed for exercises in practical life, the senses, math and the enrichment of language.


    We serve the Reston, Vienna, Oakton, McLean and Fairfax areas.

More About The Program:
In our program the sequence of developmental milestones is divided as:
  • Young Infants: Birth to 8 months
    • Primary needs: security, stability, close trusting relationship
  • Mobile Infants: 6 to 18 months
    • Primary needs: safe and free exploration
  • Toddler: 16 to 36 months
    • Primary needs: identifying physical, verbal, emotional, social and intellectual development
  • Pre-school: 37 months to 6 years
    • Primary needs: academic development (language, math, science, geography, biology, cultural subject, sensorial developments), identifying physical, verbal, emotional, social and intellectual development

At each milestone our program is structured to meet the primary needs of the child. To do this we set weekly goals, monthly goals, lesson plans and evaluations for each child individually.

To share the progress and developmental information of the children enrolled in our care we have the following:
  • Quarterly parent teacher meetings
  • Weekly information sheets
  • Daily information sheets

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